Letter to Patient

Letter to Patient Starting Allergy Treatment

Dear Patient,

Your doctor has recommended allergy shots (immunotherapy or I.T.) for the treatment of your allergies. Considerable dedication is required of the patient/family who has agreed to immunotherapy. The injections are weekly or bi-weekly until a high dose of allergen is reached.

Only after a high or “maintenance dose” is reached will the full benefit of the injections be appreciated. It may take up to a year for symptom relief to occur. The full effect of the treatment will need to be adhered to for up to three years. Following the weekly build-up dose, maintenance injections are slowly tapered to a minimum of once a month injections. Missed shots or reactions to shots can delay reaching maintenance dosage.

A six month follow-up visit with the physician is required in order to assess progress; yearly visits are then required. Please inform our office if you feel that the injections are not working.

Let us know as soon as possible if you become pregnant. We will not build up your doses until after your baby is born.

As with any long-term treatment or therapy, yearly evaluations and assessments by your physician are necessary to optimize and safely monitor your response. Your physician will periodically review with you your progress at scheduled appointments. However, situations may arise in between visits that may be important to the success of your treatment; therefore, we ask your cooperation in alerting the injection personnel before receiving an allergy injection of any changes in your health (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, etc.) or medications (specifically beta-blockers prescribed by other physicians and any over-the-counter, homeopathic, herbal or alternative medicines).

This booklet is designed as a resource for you to refer to for questions that may arise over the course of your treatment. However, do not assume the extent of the information contained within these pages is your only resource. If you have questions or situations that arise please feel free to ask.