It’s Not a Race!

Immunotherapy (allergy injections) is an important medical treatment for what can be a very serious disease. Over 25% of the population is estimated to have allergic rhinitis (incidentally, 35% of these also have asthma). Studies indicate 1.5 million school days, and 3.4 million work days are lost each year due to allergies.

Prescription medications are conservatively estimated at over $5 billion dollars annually, and the annual loss in work productivity is estimated at many millions of dollars.

Immunotherapy will greatly impact these statistics, improving quality of life, decreasing overall medication costs, and improving productivity at work and school. Yet, we must caution you that this is not a race! Do NOT blindly proceed with the aim of the maximum concentration as your goal. Your goal, and also our goal, is safety first and then symptom relief.

All patients will not be able to obtain the maximum concentration level of 1-100; some sensitive patients may have a lower maintenance concentration. The maintenance concentration (the dose at which the body is most comfortable and doesn’t produce repeated severe reactions) will be individualized and adjusted as tolerated. Your maintenance concentration may be lower than the maximum concentration of 1-100 if you are a sensitive individual. A majority will obtain the maximum concentration after about 3-4 months of twice weekly injections. Some may never reach that level. These are generalities; you will benefit from your allergy injections at any concentration.

Our goal is to get you safely to your maintenance concentration to effectively reduce your allergy symptoms.

For your safety:

  • Accurately report all reactions, local and systemic.
  • Always wait the mandatory 30-minute waiting period after an injection.