Allergy Extracts

The allergy extract or antigen is the mix that you receive in your allergy injections. It is not a serum. Our physicians individualize each extract for the patient. It is reflective of your skin test results, history and environmental exposures.

Our physicians review the results of your skin testing along with your allergy history to generate a formula or recipe for your allergy extract. The recipe is then mixed for you individually. Each extract is formulated in a maximum concentration. From this concentration a series of dilutions are made, each 10 times weaker than the previous, until the starting dilution is reached. Your starting dilution is determined by the physician and is dependent on sensitivity, history and the season in which you are initiating allergy injections. Each dilution is labeled accordingly for easy identification.

Patients will start their injections with the most dilute antigen, and progress up from there in a stepwise fashion. A minimum        of five shots of a pre-determined amount is given from each dilution, starting with a small amount and progressing to a larger and more potent amount with each injection, as long as there are no reactions noted.

An ideal reaction-free progression is as follows: